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Thread: How to set up your Outlook Express to use your BanglaGamer email account

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    Thumbs up How to set up your Outlook Express to use your BanglaGamer email account

    1. Open Outlook express. (Start > All programs; comes for free with WinXP and probably Vista too)
    2. Go to Tools menu > Accounts
    3. Go to 'Mail' tab.
    4. Click on 'Add' button on the right and choose 'Mail'

    5. Put in your display name, next>.
    6. Put in you BanglaGamer email address, next>. (if you don't have one, then contact SRS)
    7. Select 'POP3' as incoming mail server, and put in '' (without the quotes) as both incoming and outgoing mail server, next>.

    8. Put in your account name (must add '') and password, next>finish>.

    9. You are good to receive emails now. Next configure a bit more for sending emails from Outlook express:
    10. With '' account selected, click on 'Properties'.

    11. Go to 'Servers' tab. At the bottom, Check 'My server requires authentication' and click on 'Settings' button beside it.

    12. Select 'log on using' option and put in account name (including and password, ok>ok>close.

    13. You are done! send yourself an email and test.

    14. Backing them up: in a web server like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail they give you 5GB or unlimited space so you do not have to worry about backing them up. But in this case if you reinstall windows then the emails will be gone. But it is very easy to back them up. Here's how: on the left panel under 'Local folders' there are 'Inbox', 'Sentbox' etc. Right click on 'Inbox' and open 'Properties'. Notice the line 'This folder is stored in the following file:'. Below this the address looks incomplete. Click on it and cursor will appear so that you can move further right. Note the location of the file and open this folder (you'll have to enable 'show hidden files' in Folder Options). There are several .dbx files, copy them to your back up folder. They can be restored by pasting them again in this folder.

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    Default Re: How to set up your Outlook Express to use your BanglaGamer email account

    I have heard about one tool and downloaded it. To my great surprise the software could work out my old troubles. Above it the program would be usable for solving any composite proposition in my opinion - extract messages from dbx.

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