Daft Punk is THE BEST electro/techno musicians out there. If you like trance/dubstep, do give this a try.

I'll post some basic songs to get started with.

In these spaces, I'll most prolly insert some texts that are amazing and in relevence to daft punk!

This is the first song that the duo made! If this wasn't flopped out, we would never see daft punk!

Did you know that Daft Punk has awesome headgear that show awesome amount of texts at concerts?

Daft Punk is actually a duo of two guys named Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter!

This song was remade by Kanye West but critics suggested it was leagues away from the original!

Daft Punk also has several films that have official soundtrack and one also has them starring!!

Do you think that there is a human inside their helmets??

They said that once they were working at their studios, they remember it being at 9th september at 9:09, their studio exploded and the next thing they know they were robots!!

Their headgears get very hot, but they say they are used to it.

Well, that was it! if you came this far, then welcome to the world of robots!!!

oh, and one awesome finishing video.