Square Enix has made two new trademarks in Europe, according to a recent discovery: Drakerider and Blood of Chaos. Domain registrations were also made under the names of drakerider.com and bloodofchaos.com. We have no idea what Drakerider could be, but Blood of Chaos does sound a lot like a sequel to DS game Blood of Bahamut, as suggested by Siliconera. Go figure.


A few non-Final Fantasy titles could be on the way

Square Enix has trademarked 'Drakerider' and 'Blood of Chaos' in Europe, possibly hinting at a couple of unannounced games.

The Japanese publisher and developer has taken the extra step of registering the domains drakerider.com and bloodofchaos.com for the mysterious projects. Siliconera points out that Blood of Chaos could possibly be a sequel to DS title Blood of Bahamut, which was developed by Think & Feel and published by Square Enix.

As for Drakerider, current speculation in the office is that it's a cooky crossover with Sony in which players pick Final Fantasy characters and race different costumed versions of Nathan Drake like he's a horse.
Last month, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura said that Square Enix has an unrevealed project being developed by a secret team. Could one of these be it?