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Thread: Lg 29 ultrawide around 30-35k Import ,Need more Order

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    Default Lg 29 ultrawide around 30-35k Import ,Need more Order

    Okay so Lg 29 (1080p)ultrawide with warranty everything from BD shop ,I need more Order to make a deal .So PM me if you are interested ,i will not deal with anything ,you will buy your product from the shop directly ,i m just trying to make it happen ,so let me know .Negotiation will only start when i have enough order ,without that nothing will happen

    Model can be 29UM68 though i prefer 29UC88 ,so let me know which one do you like .In bd they sell 2013 model with 55k .i will try to bring these 2016 model .

    Both are same quality but 68 have 6 bit +FRC =8 bit,250 cd & 88 has True 8 bit color (300 cd ,,/Mega contrast) ,Also quality of UC88 is far superior than 68 (some users saying) that is why its $70 more .If i fail to make the Deal you have nothing to lose & If i be successful you will get better product/cheap price with full warranty from BD shop & a Way to help you with your future Imports .

    Monitors are free sync,75 hz ,with gaming mode which make its response time more faster,so ghosting isn't an issue in most fast games

    PM Me ,thread is Closed by Me ,as I don't want 20 other off topic talkers to gather around my thread .Thank you
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    Why Ultra wide is the Ultimate Gaming platform ,Don't waste your money on 1070 or 1440p monitor or 24/27 inch 16:9 monitor .Ultrawide look ,feel better than 1440p or any big size 16:9 monitor when watching movie or gaming .Even a 18k rx 480 is enough to run in 1080p ultrawide monitor .So you get better feel with limited budget .

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