I know I'll get soo many hate comments, but before doing that, atleast read it.

I've been playing WWE games for a long time, since PS2 era. My first WWE game was SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth. Since then, I'v playing all the games from SmackDown! Just Bring It to SmackDown Vs Raw 2011 on PS2. I've also played some other WWE games like WCW Nitro, WWF Attitude, WWE Raw, WWE Day of Reckoning 2. But then, I've never bought Ps3 and so I've never played WWE 12- 14.

But then I've bought WWE 2k15. This is one of the worst WWE game I've seen so far. The gameplay sucks, the player don't look like their Real Life counterparts, the ring size became extremely small, unresponsive gameplay and whatnot? But then I've seen WWE 2k17, and it seemed like they improved the Player [Wrestler] likeness. Then I though "Why not give it a try?". Here's my reaction to this game:

Gameplay is simply horrible. It just feels unresponsive. It's not as if they made the animations realistic. The animations during gameplay look average. Some of the things that made it worse are the new Pin and Submission system introduced since 2k15.

Kicking out of the pinfall now requires you to hit a button when the pointer [That moves fast] is on the sweet spot. This is very hard and it's just a matter of lottery. Though I'm sure many people on't have problem with this and it makes sense for Online modes. But I preferred the old Button Mashing system. Yes, button mashing can be exploited in online modes. But they could atleast add it as optional feature for Single player/ Local Co op modes. Button mashing really depended on your strength and no skill was required. But for kicking out of pinfall, skill isn't required. But strength is required and Button Mashing was a perfect fit for it.

About the new submission system, I'm not impressed either. Atleast the submission System in SVR 2008/9/10 was much better. Even then, button mashing again was cool and good enough. As I said, having it as optional feature won't hurt.

But when someone requests this optional feature on 2k forums, they get rekt by fanboys.

Also, as I've already said, the gameplay is just sluggish. It just doesnt feel good, fast and responsive at all. Not at all. The total arena also feels small, compact compared to the old PS2 games. And its way too small compared to real WWE arenas.

Well ofcourse there are many improvements on 2k17, some of them are:

You can hit an opponent when they are taking weapons. You can attack opponent during entrance. The player likeness is improved a lot compared to WWE2k15 and 16. The graphics is improved a bit. Mediocore cloth physics was added atleast.

Now, PC specific problems:

Some camera angles during gameplay will just lock to 30 FPS. Even entrance and cutscenes are locked to 30 FPS. The normal gameplay is 60 FPs [Thank god] but yeahh, it's locked to 60 FPS. The game will also likely change screen resolution to something like 800x600/1024x768 everytime you Alt-Tab the game/ Switch from Fullscreen to Window to Fllscreen or even everytime you start the game again.

Other than that, it's running fine/ stutterless compared to 2k15 [Which ran horribly].

In my opinion, SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth to SmackDown! VS Raw 2007 had the best gameplay. It was responsive, felt smooth, easy. But these easy controls didn't hamper the gameplay at all. The Opponent AI was similarly hard enough to keep you from winning. But then again, pinfall/ submission soley depended on the amount of damage your Player took and the amount of strength you've got left to mash the buttons quickly. I've never damaged by gamepad by mashing buttons quickly, so yeah, it wasn't a thing to worry about at all.

And among these games, the best one I've ever played was SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain. This was also the last game where you could taunt and cancel it, so that you can avoid opponent's attacks. Sure it wasn't a game without flaws, but those flaws were nothing compared to what the current games are.

So, what are your opinions? Have anyone of you played the old games? What are your thoughts?

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Before comparing the old and new games, make sure you played them. Else you can't really judge the gameplay from watching YouTube [Even though it will give you some ideas for sure].