As many of you will know Dota 2 is a source engine based game; this means binds can be used. Actions that would take away your attention from a lane or from a fight now can be done using a key or two. In order to be able to use binds you must enable console. This can be done by right clicking on Dota 2 (from your library), going into properties and selecting Set Launch Options. Type in -console and relaunch dota. The ` (above tab and under esc) key is usually auto assigned for the console.

Now open up notepad and copypaste the following

alias "quick_courier" "dota_select_courier; dota_ability_execute 2; dota_ability_execute 3; dota_ability_execute 4; +dota_camera_follow; say_team I am using the Courier. Hands off!"
bind "TAB" "quick_courier"
bind "F8" exec autoexec

Save it as autoexec.cfg (make sure you save as all file types) and place this in your steam/steamapps/common/dota2beta/dota/cfg folder. This should load automatically every time with the launching of Dota, however you can also load it manually by typing bringing up the console and typing in the command: exec autoexec

Whenever you want to use the courier, simply press the tab key (or whatever else you want) and the courier will bring your the item in your stash and return to base. It also will announce to your team (via team chat) that you are using the courier. You can remove this by deleting the last portiong (say_team etc).

Good luck.