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Thread: Why BD importers Global Brand Import the Most Junk Discontinued Trash Monitors they can find

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    Default Why BD importers Global Brand Import the Most Junk Discontinued Trash Monitors they can find

    Was going through monitors but i was surprised how low quality junk monitors are sold 2 time the price & only premium quality few models are brought which is above 30k but rest of the Monitors are Trash ,discontinued models which rest of the world don't use .These idiots collects all the 3 year old monitors & sell them in 2 time the price of its origin .So not only BD buyers are scammed with low quality product but also with high price .Global brand is the Single importer of Most Monitors brands .This One Monopoly Mega Scam shop is Robbing BD customers for Years ,with their Trash collections.Not only that By controlling Bangladesh Govt they even imposed more Tax on Led Monitors compare to other computer parts ,so that private Import also become impossible
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    Right. Here 350$ Gsync becomes 1000$.
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