One downfall of most cloud storage and social sites is your data canít be backed up locally. So what happens if your Google account or Facebook account gets hacked and you canít retrieve anything? Youíre S.O.L. right? Social Folders gives lets you to sync 10 different cloud accounts with your local machine.

As more and more services move to the cloud, services like Social Folders will be more in demand. When you have limited access to the internet, you can make changes to your files on your computer. The next time you are connected, you can sync the changes.

Starting out with Social Folders
Start by downloading Social Folders. When you run through the wizard, you will be asked to sign up for an account.

Connecting your social accounts
When you make it through the setup wizard, you will be asked to start linking your cloud and social accounts to Social Folders.

Linking them is pretty easy. When you select one of the 10 services, you will need to grant Social Folders access to that account.

Something you will need to take into consideration is, you have a limit of 500 files you can sync. If you have a lot of files in your Google Docs, or are someone who has a lot of pictures uploaded to Facebook, you might want to opt for the paid service. The premium service is 9.99 a year or 1.99 a month; very reasonable.

After accounts are linked
After you link your accounts to Social Folders, you will see a new folder in your My Documents folder. The Social Folders folder is a local folder for each of your linked accounts.

Using Social Folders
There are a couple of different ways you could use Social Folders. You can use it as an automatic backup for one or more of your services. That way in case something happens to your account, you can have a backup on your local machine.

The other option is using Social Folders as an uploading service to these sites. Here is what I mean. Of you take a lot of notes using a text editor, you may find it to be a pain to upload these notes into your Google Docs account. If you save the notes to your local Google Docs folder, the process it done for you.

I like the simplicity of Social Folders. If you are nervous about your account being hacked and losing all of your pictures, or want an easy backup service, you have found it. The 2-way syncing of your documents and pictures takes the thought out of backing up your social accounts and cloud storage.