I am looking for a used freestyle (not flatland) dirt, street or vert (preferrably street) body. I know I won't have much choice but at a minimum I need:

- Tob-tube (TT) length between 19" and 20.5" (see https://www.ebicycles.com/bicycle-to...bike/freestyle)
- Top tube and bottom tube should not differ in shape and size (i.e. no fat tubes anywhere, must look like https://www.ebicycles.com/bicycle-to...gif?1443271927)


- Gyro brake system (for 360 degrees handlebar spins)
- 2 x grinding pegs (again, not big fat flatland pegs)
- Street tyres, not racing tyres (i.e. not too thin, not too fat)

But in general, anything that looks like the bikes in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o09WDbA-7A and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o09WDbA-7A so Haro, GT, Mongoose and Diamondback are all good.

For pricing reference, new diamondback BMX bikes can be bought at around 10,000Tk. Used bikes have been sold for half the price on and off.

You can make your offer here but may want to PM for dealing and sharing contact details. Alternatively, suggest me an FB page where this might find a better audience. Cheers!