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Thread: Friendly XBOX 360 Slim w/ two wireless controllers

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    Default Friendly XBOX 360 Slim w/ two wireless controllers

    Hi all

    This is a continuation of as I think that could be considered necro already.

    I am still looking for a console and I see it's still not a good time to get the current gen ones due to certain reasons. This time though I know what I need at a minimum:

    - XBOX 360 S, or "Slim", 250GB
    - 2 x wireless controllers (at least one must be original black, glossy/shiny, made for the Slim)
    - Friendly meaning JTAG+LT3 or basically be able to play from both (100TK) DVD and from HDD

    Preferably you can throw in some games so I can test live on the spot. If you want to throw in additional controllers and Kinect that's also welcome.

    For guidance on pricing, note that physical stores around town are now offering the S console w/ 1 controller around 8000Tk, and they don't look abused or old.

    You can make your offer here but you might want to PM for exposing/sharing contact and dealing details.
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