The software, a professional password cracker and recovery, targets at Microsoft Office series files and can easily crack or recover your password of MS Office documents. So far, the independent of the software has formally got online and we all welcome you to check it out!One Safe Secure Password Manager
Professional and Powerful Tool for Brand-New Experience
The software is customized exclusively for MS Office password recovery and it works magically well. As a matter of fact, it has been famous for its professional and powerful office password cracking and recovering function for a long time. Being the most popular choice, it can be applied to many fields including education, economics, society and security etc. Password Manager Free Download
Also, the independent website of the software is the unique version just for you: it provides the reliable link for downloading and updating the software; it equips with elaborate help text that will help you cope with any difficulties; and its legitimate users will surly get the whole considerate after-sale service through the website!Software To Store Passwords
Satisfy All from Different Versions to Different Methods
In order to cover all the different needs from different users, the software has two different version for choice - the standard and the professional. The former can deal with normal MS Office documents and password while the latter can handle all kinds of office formats and crack more sophisticated password. All in all, the latter will be more professional and powerful than the former and please choose according to your own need.
In addition, the software will apply three most popular and useful attack methods to crack the password including brute force, mask and dictionary attack. According to the experience data given, they are all convenient but practical. By using these methods, the software can automatically delete or remove office password and instantly access the data of the document. Through the VBA back-door switch, the software also can modify data in the debug log and allows you to save, browse and copy the cracked password list. In a word, where there is MS Office, there is the software because it’s so powerful and handy!
How to Use It Step by Step
You might be inclined to think that a tool like this must be difficult to operate, right? Let me tell you it’s actually not! The operating process of the software can be summarized to only three simple steps:

  1. You download the software from our official website and start installation on your computer till it finishes.
  2. Launch the software and import and need-to-be-decrypted MS Office documents into it.
  3. Choose an attack methond according to your document and press the start button – just wait patiently for the miracle!