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Thread: Great News: BTCL internet charge reduced one more step

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    Default Great News: BTCL internet charge reduced one more step

    This is a great news indeed. I am sure that many of you must have been informed of this. however as i havent seen anyone posted here in this sub-forum, i thought it would be my pleasure to share to all who dont know yet. almost all the package plans have been revised and is effective from 1st january (infinity packages) or 15 january (volume based) of postpaid plans. moreover, there will be no daycube like before and prepaid packages will be limited to night cubes. Most beneficial will be 512 infinity after this price cut IMO. this package now costs 1150 BDT (ex. VAT) which was 1500 BDT previously. Bcube256 and 1mbs will also enjoy similar benefits but the price cut is more in 512 package. Please follow the below link to explore more-


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