Whenever you create an account online, you are often given a chance to set up recovery options, privacy settings and more. Most users ignore these opportunities to keep their accounts secure.

Google+ also gives you the chance to set up recovery, privacy and notifications settings when you create an account as well as after if you overlooked it. It is important to keep your Google+ account as secure as possible and by truly taking time to go over each settings, you can do just that.

How to set up privacy settings

The first place you want to begin with your Google+ settings is the privacy-based ones. This is how you protect your profile, updates and data on the social network.

Click on the “Gear Icon” in the upper right hand corner of your Google+ toolbar.

Then, click on “Google+ settings.”

Now, click on “Profile and Privacy” in the left hand sidebar.

Here you can manage every single privacy setting for your Google+ profile, including a preview of what others can see when they venture to your profile page.

First, click on “Edit visibility on profile.”

This will bring you to your profile. From there, you can edit the information you choose to share. Remember the more you share online, the more available to anyone who is looking for it.

When finished, click “Done editing.”

Navigate back to your Google+ settings.

Under Profile and privacy, you will see a Sharing header. Here you can manage your Circles, your network visibility and incoming posts. These are all areas you work with on a daily basis on Google+ and should have set up during the initial profile creation process.

Now, in the left hand sidebar, click on “Google+.”

The first header, Who can interact with you and your posts, is what you are looking for.

You can set up who can send you notifications as well as who can comment on your public posts. As soon as you make the changes, they are saved automatically.

Scroll down and find the “Photos” header.

You can control whether or not photos are given and uploaded with geo-tagging enabled, whether or not users can download your photos and who can tag your photos automatically. You can further control how your pictures and videos are shared when you actually upload them to Google+.

These are just the basic privacy settings you can control on Google+. Remember that the whole network is based on the principle that you completely control what you share. By utilizing Circles, you can control your updates in ways social networkers never thought possible.

How to set up notifications on Google+
Google+ offers three ways to get notifications through the service: E-mail, phone and through the Google toolbar.

The Google toolbar is automatically configured to give you notifications when they occur as long as you are using a Google service.

By navigating back to your Google+ settings and clicking the “Google+” link in the sidebar, you can access the notifications settings for phone and e-mail.

Look for the “Set delivery preferences” header.

This is where you can add your cell phone number and opt into SMS service.

Now, look for the “Manage email subscriptions” header just below the Set delivery preferences link.

The first option you have is to opt into Google+ e-mails to begin with. Click the box next to “Occasional updates about Google+ activity and friend suggestions.”

Then, look at the options below “Receive notifications.”

For each sub-section, you can choose whether you get e-mail or phone updates from Google+ as things happen, similar to how other social networks send you alerts. Simply click the ones you want to receive, and they will automatically update for you.

There are other ways to receive Google+ updates without opting into e-mail or phone alerts, such as add-ons and extensions but this is the most basic way to stay in the loop on Google+.

How to set up account recovery
Many Internet users opt out of account recovery time and time again, because they think it will never matter. Once they lose the account, it has been hacked or something else happens, they end up regretting not setting up recovery options.

In order to set up recovery options in Google+, you want to click on the “Gear Icon.”

Then, click “Google+ settings.”

Click on “Account overview” in the left hand sidebar.

Under the Security header, you will see a handful of options for securing your Google+ account and other Google services.

Click on “Change recovery options.”

You will be prompted to enter your Google services password even though you are logged in; this is a security measure to ensure you are the one logging in to change the recovery options for your account.

Enter your password, then click “Verify.”

You have three account recovery sections: Email, SMS and Security question.

For Email, you want to add an e-mail address that your account can be recovered to should the primary e-mail address be compromised.

For SMS, you can add a phone number for verification purposes.

For Security question, you can choose a question and answer to help secure logging into your Google accounts.

These recovery options help give your account the maximum amount of protection from threats to your Google services and Google+ accounts. By ensuring your have recovery options set, you can recover your Google+ account should something happen to it.

Are settings in Google+ important for your account?
Whenever you create any account online, whether it be a Google+ one or elsewhere, you want to make sure you go through all the settings involved in the account. This ensures your safety, security and recovery should something harmful happen to it. Take the time to go over the settings, notifications and account recovery features in Google+, then begin using the social network to your heart’s content.