Chrome is an amazing browser to surf the web. If you are a Google power user, Chrome should be your browser of choice since all the Google services seem to work much better with Google Chrome when compared to other browsers like Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer.

Google has introduced a brand new feature to Chrome called User Profilesand the ability to have each household user have its own separate profile is great for a family computer.

Many of you may be accustomed to multiple profiles in Firefox. If this is the case, read on and see how Chrome is different. Here is a hint… adding new user profiles is now “built-in” and really easy to use. If you aren’t sure how you might use multiple user profiles, We will give you some ideas of how you may use more than one profile too.

Setting up Multiple User Profiles in Chrome
Setting up several profiles is quick process. While setting up, you can create several profiles with just a few more clicks. Here’s the process.

1. In the top right corner of the Chrome browser window, click on the wrench icon.

2. Select Options from the menu.

3. In the Options menu, there are some tabs in the left sidebar. Click on Personal stuff.

4. This is the spot where you will be adding your new profiles. What you are looking for in this window isUsers. It should look like this right now since you only have one profile.

5. Click Add new user. What will happen is, a new window will open. This window is displaying in the new profile.

6. If you want to add another profile, you can close the new profile window that just opened and click Add new user again. Repeat this for all of the new profiles you need.

As you can see there is a new icon in the top left of the corner. The icon is there so you can, at a glance, see which profile you are in. We’ll show you how to change these shortly.

That is all there is to adding a new Chrome user profile.

Personalizing Chrome user profiles
The point of having different profiles is so you can have a different profile for different people or uses. Thing you may want to change are the name of the profile and the picture.

Both of these can be done in the Users section where you added the new profile. You can see the different pictures and generic name for each profile. Edit these by double clicking on the profile you’d like to change. You’ll get a pop-up window with a bunch of new pictures and the name of the profile in an editable text box.

When you edit the name and picture, click ok. The other thing you may want to do is sign into your Google account on the profiles. This will make it easy to switch back and forth. If you are still in the Personal Stuff tab, the top section is the spot where you will log in.

If you aren’t in that window anymore, you can click on the wrench again and select Sign in to Chrome. You will be taken right there.

Syncing stuff
There is an option you will be presented with while adding profiles. You will be asked if you want to sync stuff between your Google profile. By “stuff” I mean your bookmarks and browsing extensions and more. If you use Google at the office and at home, this is ideal. You don’t need to reinstall your theme and extensions again at home.

Why might you want another Chrome user profile?
There are several reasons you may want to use multiple user profiles. Here are a few examples:

  • Keeping Personal and Work profiles separate.
  • Multiple users of the same computer (Family PC).
  • Same is true for School and Home based profiles.
  • Research, work and personal.
  • Having a different set of extensions readily available for different tasks in different profiles.
User profiles in Chrome offer more flexibility. With more people using the same computer for work and personal, or needing to sync with multiple computers, this is an ideal way to keep different areas of your life separate yet accessible.