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Thread: Overwatch is FREE from November 18 to 21

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    Default Overwatch is FREE from November 18 to 21


    Before your watch can begin, you'll first need to install Overwatch on your chosen platform. Every platform is a little different—to install and play on November 18, please follow the instructions below.


    Step 1: Download and install the desktop app, if you haven't already, and launch it.
    Step 2: Create a FREE account, or log in with an existing account.
    Step 3: Click the "Overwatch" icon, located on the left-hand side of the desktop app.
    Step 4: Select your region from the drop-down menu, then click "Install" to begin the installation process.
    Step 5: Once installed, click "Play" to begin!


    Step 1: Turn on your PlayStation 4 and log in to your preferred local user.
    Step 2: Go to PlayStation Store and select "Search" from the top menu.
    Step 3: In the search field, type in "Overwatch."
    Step 4: Select "Overwatch Free Weekend" from the search results and then click "Download."
    Step 5: Once the download and installation process is complete, click "Start" to begin!


    Step 1: Turn on your Xbox One and log in to your Xbox Live account.
    Step 2: Go to the Xbox One Store, then select "Search."
    Step 3: In the search field, type in "Overwatch."
    Step 4: Select "Overwatch: Origins Edition" from the search results and then click "Free Trial."
    Step 5: Once the download and installation process is complete, click "Launch" to begin!

    The Overwatch Free Weekend client will be available for download on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One from November 18–21.


    Q. What game content will be available during the Free Weekend?
    A. During the Free Weekend, players will have access to Overwatch's full roster of heroes, maps, and a selection of features—including Quick Play, Custom Games, the Arcade, and Loot Boxes.

    Q. How many heroes are available in Overwatch?
    A. There are 23 heroes available to play in Overwatch! To learn more about these heroes, click here.

    Q. How many maps are available in Overwatch?
    A. There are four different game modes and 13 different maps available in Overwatch!

    Assault: Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries
    Escort: Dorado, Route 66, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar
    Assault/Escort Hybrid: Eichenwalde, Hollywood, King's Row, and Numbani
    Control: Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal
    Q. How many players does each mode support?
    A. Quick Play maps supports 12 players in a 6v6 format. The Arcade features alternate games modes and maps that support players in a 1v1, 3v3, and 6v6 formats.

    Q. What different play modes are available in Overwatch during the Free Weekend?
    A. There are a variety of ways to play Overwatch during the Free Weekend!

    Quick Play: Jump into a game against other players of similar skill.
    Play vs. AI: Hone your skills against a team of AI-controlled heroes.
    Custom Game: Customize the rules and play a game with your friends or AI.
    The Arcade: Change things up with alternate games modes featuring different rules sets and restrictions.
    Players can also learn the ropes in a series of training modes: Tutorial, Practice Range, and Practice vs. AI.

    Q. What's the approximate download size of the Free Weekend client?
    A. The approximate download size is 12GBs.

    Q. Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to participate in the Free Weekend?
    A. Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus are required to play during the Free Weekend.

    Q. What languages are supported during Free Weekend?
    A. The Free Weekend will be supported by 10 languages across both platforms: English, French, German, Castilian Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.

    Q. Will my progress from the Free Weekend carry over if I purchase Overwatch later?
    A. Yes. Any progression you earn, including levels as well as skins and other items you get from Loot Boxes, will carry over to the full game if you purchase Overwatch: Origins Edition on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 or any version of Overwatch on PC—just be sure you purchase the game on the same console account you played on during this free weekend.

    Your stats will also be retained. (Trophies and achievements, however, have been disabled for the Free Weekend.)

    Q. Will PC and console gamers be able to play together during the Free Weekend?
    A: No, cross-platform play is not available in Overwatch.

    Q. Will there be any sort of maintenance planned during the Free Weekend?
    A. There's no downtime or maintenance currently planned for the Free Weekend. If this plan changes at any point, we'll be sure to provide information about major service interruptions in the official forums. For additional status updates, be sure to follow @PlayOverwatch on Twitter.

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    I am not sure if installing the game is worth the hassle. The overwatch server is based in Singapore and depending on you isp you will get latency in the range of 60-120ms. Not a very enjoyable experience for a fps game. Moreover, the game becomes repetitive and boring quickly.

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