first of all I'll admit that I'm a noob. I've never played any game online before.Few days ago I downloaded call of duty blackops mp rip from torrent BD. I followed the method of running it and opened an account at AlterIW net.but whenever I run alterops.exe and login with my account the game starts but gives an error "no server available at this time.please try again later".
but a lot of people are playing it now but I always get the same message.I know many of u have played MW2 also by using alteriw.
so,if someone can give my full method of running alterops that he himself have tried and worked,it will be really helpful. also giving the method of how to play MW2 online will help me greatly.already tried this but I get application error.http://banglagamer.com/showthread.ph...arfare+lan+fix

I use BDCOM direct broadband(256kbps). Is this enough to play games like COD online.

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come on brothers help me !!!!!!!!!!!!