Its back in black, the death adder as you all know, yes I know its old news the black edition has been out for a while but I finally have my hands on one. I got it off for 6000 from Computer source, they have really nice razer gear available there .

As most of you still ponder why pay for less, taken that the black edition does not have any lights, well the blacky cures some of the problems the normal has and is built around the complaints of the original adder.

Here are some images on my new razer kabuto:
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As you all know this has a really great sensor the avago adns -3888 which is sadly razer propriety . This sensor can track over 160 IPS without any sort of acceleration or any bs like that, teh only problem is the LOD which is 3Cds. 3mm. this can be fixed with a simple tape mod or if you use a white colored pad such as the razer megasoma.

What I really like about this mouse are the subtle improvements over the normal version, for instance the grip feels better for the rubber covered sides, the top feels grippy although it doesnt have rubber, the build quality feels better than some of razers other expensive mice such as the imperator. Razer have surprisingly used thicker mouse feet with this so I have not run into gliding issues that some people do with the older adders (perhaps I got lucky ?)

Overall its still pretty familiar to brighter brethren, the scroll wheel feels better though( might be placebo).

Conclusion :
A pretty darn good mouse with a great sensor, the build quality is okay, better than razer but still not as good as some of logitechs well built mice. It looks really good and performs great too !

Amazing tracking on all surfaces.
Great shape and size for people with bigger hands
better glide performance
Scroll wheel feels improved
better grip materials used

LOD can be an issue in black cloth pads (although the LOD is only about 1cd in white pads)