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Thread: Looking For Good MMORPG

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    Red face Looking For Good MMORPG

    I'm new to MMO and also a noob I've tried ELOA, Touch, RuneScape, Darkeden, Blade & Soul, Aura Kingdom etc.....
    But now i'm looking for some new ones with better pings XD .. So can anyone suggest me any good mmorpg with lots of skills and stance and also with better graphics like bns???

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    warframe. BD community is there but its huge worldwide and plenty of variety but also plenty of grinding

    that aside, try TERA, it has deecnt graphics

    if you like shooters then you can try firefall, planet side 2 for open world. over watch and paladin for fps pvp focus

    if you like fantasy, guild wars 2 is a friend and so is BDO, C9, revelation online, vindictus(dark fantasy), dragon nest for childish but action

    if you want old school style, WoW is still practically the best mmo to choose. if you dont want that, aion, lineage 2area good alternative

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