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    Lightbulb Party Of Sin

    Battle Out Of Hell: Party Of Sin

    Think of a sin, any sin – well, any of the canonical seven. Now imagine yourself as that sin taking on the form of an immortal warrior as you fight your way from the depths of hell to the tufty clouded peaks of heaven. Having trouble? Of course you are. It’s a big task if you don’t happen to be completely mental.

    Luckily, Crankshaft Games are on hand to offer some help. The latest trailer for their upcoming XBLIG/PC title, Party of Sin, is posted below and offers some insight into what it might be like to experience such a brutal and ungodly state of existence.

    It’s a co-op title for up to four players and is being marketed as a platform-puzzler. Weaponry and magic is available, teamwork is encouraged and multiple methods of overcoming obstacles are said to be the norm.

    Something else that adds a little spice are the intentional opportunities for griefing. Having the game acknowledge arseholery towards fellow players is likely to be a good laugh assuming, of course, that this can be implemented without sparking any real-life fistycuffs.

    No release date has yet been set for Party Of Sin.

    [Party Of Sin]

    Party of Sin: Extended Trailer

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