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Thread: Which ISP are best for Shamoly area

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    Post Which ISP are best for Shamoly area

    Hello everyone. I have been using a local isp named Cue Club for sometime. But they run into trouble every now and than, connection gts lost, page doesn't load etc issues. They are very careless in customer service. They just write complains and do nothing unless I go to their office.

    Anyways I am looking for something better and reliable. Uptime is most important for me. I was thinking of Link3 but with all the complaints about them, I won't go with them. Is there any other premium providers in Shamoly. Please suggest and if you have experience with them, share

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    i tried dot, cue club and dfnbd but none of them good enough. they are good sometimes and bad rest of the times. I use 2 isp now, dot internet and dfnbd as 1 net is not giving me enough service i need. i switch to another net when one is giving me trouble. dot got a good ftp server. you will get a good service at start...but all of them will give you pain in the long run.
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