So Gamescom just went by and yet no announcement or anything from Bethesda. So far what we know from Todd himself :

  • They are going to be releasing 2 new projects before TES VI release
  • Todd did confirm that they are going to be making it, just that it's very far off from completion
  • New engine preety much guaranteed given how he said they do not have the technology available at the moment to make what they are planning to not to mention the current Skyrim&fallout 4 engine is already at it's peak, so it only makes sense
  • With what they are hinting at, it's likely they are not going to announce anything till even 2018

Now as for the Leaks just out which for the first time actually seem credible.

Even before Fallout 4's release there has been leaks from a former Bethesda employee who leaked details of their future game

the leak >> Click image for larger version. 

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Now the interesting part is this came out years ago. long before fallout 4's release. when it first came out people shrugged this off as rubbish, but Fallout 4's Nuka world DLC is now confirmed by Bethesda themselves. so if the part about Nuka world was correct, then isn't it also highly possible that the document itself might be legit? Since there is almost no way someone can predict "nuka world" and it isn't something obvious or predictable either.

Now in the leak itself, it says "Project Greenheart". i guess hinting at the location or area of the new Elder scrolls game. now among all of Tamriel's provinces only Valenwood home to the Bosmer or Wood Elves is entirely made up of large forests and has a lush and green environment so there is a lot of speculation now over Valenwood being the next setting of the series with maybe parts of Somerset isles(High Elves/Altmer homeland) or Elsewyr(Khajits homeland) the two neighbouring provinces and both all 3 under the Aldmeri Dominion included in expansions or as a whole.

So do you think the leak could be or has a chance of being legit? also which province do you expect the next game to be at and reasoning behind it aside from Valenwood. and also in general any province that you just simply want them to do.