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Thread: Help buying portable bluetooth speaker under $150

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    Default Help buying portable bluetooth speaker under $150

    I am in need of a portable bluetooth speaker with good sound quality. Size and weight isn't a factor, money is. The maximum amount i can spend is around $150. I have come to a conclusion that the best options within this price range has to be the creative sound blaster roar, Jbl charge 3 and the sony xb3. I really like the looks of the jbl charge 3. Bass is an important factor to me. I am a noob when it comes to portable speakers. Or should I increase my budget and go for the soundlink mini 2. If anyone could help me find the best one within my budget I would be very grateful. Are there speakers from Chinese manufacturer that provide better sound than these within my price range. Thanks a lot.

    Could anyone explain me why portable speakers are so damn expensive. Most customer reviews on amazon for the jbl charge 3 says that it is worth the money. My question is how can a little 800 gram speaker that consists of two small tweeters be 150 dollars. Where is my money going.
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