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Thread: Best ISP near Shegunbagicha ??

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    Question Best ISP near Shegunbagicha ??

    I've been using Antaranga for a few months now and so far the experience has been an absolute nightmare. Their recent packet loss over online multiplayers is absolutely ridiculous.

    I need to change my ISP ASAP . And with a good one. Help this brother out. Suggest me a decent ISP that provides services in shegunbagicha that will let me live peacefully .
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    I used to be an Antaranga customer back in their ZIP internet days (~2005ish) and I can confirm that their service is still just as shitty as it used to be. I've been using Link3 for over five years now and my experience has been great so far. Yes, the packages are pricier than what most other local ISPs offer, but the stability (which I need the most) is worth the extra price, in my opinion.

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    Yes I was planning to go with link3 but yesterday I decided to check some reviews on their facebook page and I could only see a ton of people com, planning about the bad service and customer care.
    A guy who uses link3 in my building also said link3 isn't as good as it used to be. That's why I'm confused as to which one to get next.

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