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    I just flashed my xbox 360 with lt+2.0 from games source.I bought wwe12 and gow 3 from thr.When i was testing those games wwe12 worked fine there.when i came home then i inserted the disc of wwe12 and asks for and update.if i give the update then it will again block my xbox 360 and will give status codes.I am on dash if i update to 1304 will it reflash my drive????or again lock it??????Is updating to 13640 be safe????plz ans!!!!!!!!And gow 3 runs withh out any probs.

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    Updating the dashboard is risky... but there are minor changes to the dash from 13599 to 13604. If I was in your position I would let it update. Since I haven't done it myself I can't be 100% sure. You can try calling the store and asking them.

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    If i update throuh a pirate disc sure it'll fail.

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    After dash 13599 there is no dash update that brings back the dvd drive to stock firmware. I updated to 13599 which flashed my liteon drive to stock. Then I took it GS and upgraded to lt+ 2.00. Since then I updated to 13604, 13696 (BETA) and 14699 (the latest). None of them flashed back to stock drives.
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    so you are saying that i should take it to gs and tell them to update it for me??

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    from 13604 the scenerio is changed. DAE.Bin is changed. All XGD3 (Playbox or your downloaded rips) wont play properly. Will throw out Unrecognized Disk. Bohut jhamela.
    Keep at 13599, dont update the dash.
    But, if you opt to go for it. Then I suggest take it to GS, get it to lt+ 3.0. DL the full rips, and burn them properly. Team Xecuter er website ta khubi bhalo.

    BTW, WWE 12 disk ki w/o update khela jabe na?

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    Ajonney to wwe 12 update chara kehela jabe na tai to update dite chachhi.Jokhon lt+2.0 koraai ami wwe 12 test korlam tokhon run korsilo properly.they also gave me a usb 4gb memory stick like pen drive.btw amr ta slim.Accha disc theke update ta patch kor jabe na????Please answer.Aar lt+ 2.0 kora nor age amr t a 13604 ai silo.

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    Accha disc theke update ta patch kor jabe na????
    Aar lt+ 2.0 kora nor age amr t a 13604 ai silo.
    1 day ago you said,
    I am on dash 13599.
    Ami kisu bujhi nai.

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    Ok i'll expalin.I bought it from bankok.updated it via usb to 13699.Cant play any backup games after update.Then i updated to 13604.still cant play backup copies.then i hear abt gamesource and ran thr and updated to lt+2.0.Now i am seeing tht i am back on 13599.and i had some avatars,vids,demos,themes etc.they wrere lost also. all the profiles are gone also.rply!!!!

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    updated it via usb to 13699.
    Still did not understand. First of all there is, on God's green earth, nothing called Dashboard version 13699. The latest is version 14699.
    Now i am seeing tht i am back on 13599.
    Second of all, it is super straight impossible to downgrade a xbox 360 dashboard from version 13604 to 13599. Xbox 360 dashboard versions are not downgrade-able.

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    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ia m messing my mind up.the dash was 13599..Then wht happend????Please suggest me i am dying to play wwe 12 . thanks for replys

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    BTW is thr a way to find all the original games of x360???latest????Wher to find them????COst???

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    Wait until lt+ 3 is released for Slim drives (most drives). Once it is released, take the unit to GS, get the box upgraded to lt+ 3 and have a properly patched wwe12 game disk. If you cant wait up until then, look around click bd to see if anyone is selling his wwe12 original game disk.

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    ken lt+3.0 te ki update chabe na????Original Ar khetreo ki same???Or if i update to 13604?????please answer

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