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This is what those morons at Alcatel did, I had to travel to Bashundhara City from Uttara and returning back with 4hr travel time twice. I told them the touchscreen was bad, it was inputting itself without my fingers on the screen. It also got hot behind and the CPU was working slowly so to fix the thermal throttling issue, they yanked off the upper left edge of the phone by forcing it. Ruining it's aesthetics but oh no that's not were the real problem is now, looking at exhibits A. My screen is edged out cause they put something inside to work out the throttling which as you can see just worries me and the stupid touchscreen is still the same inputting itself, they didn't fix much instead brought more problems.

This is from the official Alcatel store, now I have to find a good alternative place to get this fixed as my warranty has expired, any ideas around Uttara or elsewhere close by?