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Thread: What is the best isp in Rayer Bazar in terms of download speed and service?

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    Default What is the best isp in Rayer Bazar in terms of download speed and service?

    Dear friends,

    I live in Rayer Bazar using broadband internet from KBN Online - 5 mbps download speed @ Tk 1500 , youtube speed 10 mbps. The owner of KBN Online guaranteed me 640 KBps (=5 mbps) constant download speed 24 hr even though I am currently only getting 530-540 KBps download speed. I complained many times but did not work. I would have been happy if I at least got 90% of the promised speed in the package but to no avail.

    I checked some local isp in my area about their current offers/packages. In my area there is Gungchil , dot internet , ifosource online , mazeda , hams and KBN online. I use internet mainly to download anime, movies and watch sports in 'live tv' - provided by the isp and seldom use youtube to watch and download documentaries.

    I am planning to change my isp since I am not satisfied with the download speed and their service. Which aforementioned isp gives reliable download speed against their offers? I would be happy if I get minimum 90% of the original download speed in the package and reliable, uninterruptible and stable internet connection. I will be really grateful if any of you share your experiences who are using/have used the aforementioned isp and give suggestion which isp I should try next.

    Thanks is advance.

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    Try AponIt they are good too and have real ip

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