There’s no doubt that the one of iPhone’s major advantage among its rivals is its excellent camera. In fact, the camera is also one of the most used feature of the iPhone. This was strengthened further with the release of the iPhone 4S with its 8MP which produces excellent, high-quality photos.

Along with the great photos that the iPhone can take, you must also be able to share them instantly, even as soon as you’ve taken them. That’s one thing that you’ll like about Batch. Not only does it allow you instantly share photos but also share them in batches.

Ready to take Batch for a spin? Read our detailed review first to guide you into using Batch for iPhone and decide whether it will really be of use to you.

Batch for iPhone – What Is It?
Batch for iPhone app is described in the App Store as the simplest way to share an album, batch of photos directly from your iPhone to your friends and family. The keywords here is “sharing photos with your friends and family.” By that, we mean those who are in your Facebook network.

Speaking of Facebook, before we forget, this app requires that you have a Facebook account before you can start sharing batches of photos.

Features of Batch for iPhone
Simple as it may seem, it’s still worth taking notes of the features of Batch for iPhone. As mentioned, it’s primarily for sharing photos in batches. So, if you’re out on a party with your friends or family and you’re taking photos of the event, with the app installed on your iPhone, you can share them to your friends and family on Facebook in instantly.

In addition, the app also allows you to comment or “like” photos shared to you by your friends on family who are also using Batch iPhone app. You can also see batches that you’ve been tagged in, view beautiful feed of friends’ batches and profiles and share in real-time with the Batch camera. This means that you can share photos right after you’ve taken them. Batch also answered the most pressing issue when it comes to sharing online – privacy. With this app you can opt to have a batch photo set in private mode, all friends mode or you can even go bolder by sharing them on your Facebook account.

Using Batch for iPhone – Walkthrough and Interface Evaluation

Two things particularly impressed me about Batch for iPhone is its simple and yet elegant interface characterized by a white and gray theme. Using the app is a breeze as well.

Batch for iPhone – Default Screen
The default screen of the app when you fire it up for the first time is the Batches option. This screen displays thumbnail images of photos shared by your Batch network. Photos are arrange chronologically and of course – by batch as uploaded by your network of friends.You can skim through the collection of photo batches or view individual photo entries by tapping on them.

The individual photo view allows you to write a comment, view comments posted by others and “thumbs up”the photo to like it. At the upper portion of the screen you can see a block of dots icon which if you tap will let you see the batch of photos where the individual photo that you are viewing belongs to. Then simply tap on back to bring out the previous screen.

Batch for iPhone – Feed

The next option on the main screen is Feed which displays photos in horizontal fashion. Unlike in the Feed screen, tapping on the photos here will not bring you to the individual photo entry but to the photos’ batch entry. Once in the Batch screen, you can then tag people who are in your photos or even people who you’ll like the photos to be shared with.

Batch for iPhone – Photos

The next option is the “Photos.” This is the main option where you can create a new batch of photos and move photos in you camera roll to. You can also see the different batches that you have previously created from this screen. On top is the link to your iPhone’s camera roll, photo folders and Batch photos.

Batch for iPhone – Me

Then finally you have the “Me” tab which displays social information related to your Batch account. From here you can read notifications from your Batch network of friends, view your Batch profile and your Batch Friends list. In the Batch profile screen for yourself and your friends, you can view Batches you’ve created as well as those created by your friend. Additionally you will also be able to see Batches where you were tagged in.

Batch for iPhone – Camera
Before we forget, there is still one option left to discuss and this is the camera option. Tap on this camera icon and the app’s camera interface will be opened allowing you to snap a picture and share it right away on an existing Batch or include it on a new Batch that you can create right away.

Final Thoughts
There may be other similar apps with the same functionality as Batch for iPhone, but one thing that you’ll surely like about this app is the fact that it makes it easy for you to share several photos as soon as you’ve taken them. Batch for iPhone has all the features of a social photo and video sharing app with enough restrictions that can protect your privacy. For that, we give it a thumbs up.