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Thread: Need Review: DOT Internet for gaming

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    Question Need Review: DOT Internet for gaming

    Hello gamers ,

    I play dota2 but my isp provides me lots of ping, they are reseller of Delta infocom. Now I'm interested to take DOT INTERNET 3mbps line.
    I heard dot is not providing good service these days due to ITC line management issue. So is it a good choice ?? or should I go for other choices??
    If so what would be that?

    From: West agargaon, vuiya road

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    I use DOT's broadband, and Mazeda's wifi. for gaming...both are terrible look elsewhere. ping fluctuates for some reason. when it's good, (like now) i get 218 or so ping in US west. and 180 or so in EU west. along side 60-80 in India. and 70-90 in SE Asia. however, it fluctuates a lot for some reason and they even spike by 100+ at times. it's sort of tolerable in dota, but definitely not in csgo. So far, dot does have a stable connection though, mine hasn't gone out since i got the line. but really. not for gaming (unless ofcourse the alternatives are even worse, in that case go for it).

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    Does this problem occured recently or from start. And unfortunately I'm getting similar ping just like yours now but when the game starts the ping goes crazy, spike after spike.
    One thing, is supported by dot?

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