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Thread: Suggestions for ISP in Uttar Ibrahimpur

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    Default Suggestions for ISP in Uttar Ibrahimpur

    As the title says, I need some suggestions on good ISPs in Uttar Ibrahimpur, near Monipuri School. Currently using the 5mbps package of F4 Internet. Cant even browse the internet with the speeds I'm getting along with multiple disconnects everyday. Would like to switch immediately. Would appreciate if the ISP is good for gaming and streaming twitch. Thanks in advance.

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    i heard f4 or icc communications is good.
    To learn more visit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asif_Z View Post
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Coverage: Ibrahimpur, Kafrul.
    Address: H# 914, Ibrahimpur Bazar Road (Beside DBBL ATM Booth), Dhaka- 1206.
    Contact: 028714991, 01613560973

    - - - Updated - - -

    Voyager Internet service
    Office Address: 1375, East Shewrapara, Dhaka- 1216.
    Contact: 01833353677, 01716614556
    Coverage: Shewrapara, Ibrahimpur.

    - - - Updated - - -

    BUCT Communication
    Coverage: Whole Dhaka.
    Contact: 9143026, 8153246, 01713040571

    Thanks for the suggestions. I called voyager and cyberhut. they dont provide service in my area. had a 2 day downtime on my current connection which is driving me mad at the moment. They don't pick up when I call, so definitely not gonna recommend F4 to anyone in the future. Anyways will keep looking for more. Thanks again.

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