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Thread: Disciples of the storm

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    Smile Disciples of the storm

    Disciples of the storm is spiritual successor of the critically acclaimed Netstorm: islands at war video game, which was reviewed as "the best game which nobody played" by cnet.

    DOTS is a unique rts, which is focused on bridge building and combat building placement rather than focusing on resource gathering and move-able unit creation like traditional real time strategy game. honestly, despite it being rts i always felt like playing turn based strategy when i played netstorm.

    The developer started a kickstarter campaign in 2014, but the kickstarter failed even after raising 23k dollar, which led them to start an indiegogo later in 2015. The game is highly work in progress, expected to be on steam early access in august this year.

    Netstorm had 3 different factions (you can say 4), each has a unique set of defensive and offensive buildings(in netstorm buildings are called units), which made the game full of fun. Netstorm had a difficult campaign and a multiplayer which was shutdown around 2006. Frankly, it is impossible to describe how different Netstorm is from other RTS games. You need to either play or watch gameplay video of it.

    However DOTS gonna modify many of the names or looks of the units and add more units to the game and will try to make the game more balanced. DOTS at first will only have multiplayer.

    DOTS got greenlighted in steam in 2014.

    related links-

    I am not sure if you can play old netstorm multiplayer now, the developer of DOTS tried to create a new multiplayer server for netstorm in 2014.

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    edit: they tried kickstarter twice... first one failed at 23k dollar, 2nd one 40k dollar.
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    This is awesome. I still play Netstorm at the office sometimes. I hope something, anything comes of this.

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