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Thread: Doubt regarding UPS for PS4

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    Default Doubt regarding UPS for PS4


    I have just bought a UPS for my PS4 and after reading the instructions book, I have just realized that maybe it could damage it.

    The thing is that it provides an output of 230V +12% -17%, which, if I am not understanding incorrectly, means that the maximum voltage it can give out is 257,6V.

    Do you think this might cause my PS4 to burn in case a power surge occured even using a UPS?

    Btw, I live in Banani, maybe that is relevant.

    Thank you!

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    It's ok to run ur ps4 with this ups during power outage. Don't worry about ups output. Most of the ups in market are not very capable of handling surge.
    if surge is a concern in ur area then get a surge builtin multi plug and install it before the UPS.

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