wud like to recruit deshi players for international professional dota(target TI),
need players of at least 4.5K, team will gather at june so any1 interested to join have time till then to raise up their mmr,
there is going to be a training house(or a room at starting),
corporate internet line(or normal dedicated internet line at starting)
ips (or rented generator line at starting)
N.B. players will need to bring their own pc at training house.
well the team needs to be present at training house for 6 hours/(for 7 party games) per day at least,
Targets :-
all bangladesh tournaments of next year after june,
to get in join dota and other online tournaments after june,
to get in major`s at 2017.
to get in TI at 2018.
N.B. the room rent, internet rent and generator connection rent going to be have to be paid my team members(equally,unless some1 volunteers to give more)