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Thread: Btcl users getting high ping in all sorts of Gaming Platforms

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    Exclamation Btcl users getting high ping in all sorts of Gaming Platforms

    It has been almost a month since this high ping issue for btcl users has started. I play LoL (league of legends) in the garena server. Earlier in November and in the first week of December it was fine, while ping ping was 70-90. Afterwards from the start of the second week of the month the ping suddenly started climbing with 300ms at its worst. I thought it's a temporary problem which will last for a few days but it has been 2 weeks since it began showing it's worst forms. So can anyone help or provide any info regarding the cause behind this. Thanks in advance.
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    Same here. Where do u live? They are changing routing very often. So it varies time to time. In 2014 Season, ping was around 65-70 ms. In 2015, it was 130-150 ms. Now, its 205-260 ms. I am planning to switch isp.

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    My friends who use BTCL can't even log in to any online games at all. War thunder or Warface or World of Warships, none. And even Link3 has taken huge performance hit, i get around 400 on WT at best and PL goes all the way up to 70%.

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    I live in Chittagong. Yes i think that might be the cause and recently i tried to contact their service center and they replied it as a flaw of trying a beta version of their server but they couldnt even tell how long it will take to reset to their main server and all. I guess we have no choice but to wait and yes one of my friends is also having the same issue in logging in the game be it with garena or steam. The logging in window would pop up but it never actually logs in. (p.s changing isp will definitely help )
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    Default facing same problem

    I'm also facing the same problem from several days. I can't connect to steam and in LOL (League Of Legends) after champion select my game crashes and a window pops up saying unable to reconnect check your internet connection. If anyone can solve this problem please help me. Thank you.

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    can you please gimme an ISP that's working? Thank you.

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