Hello BG Community,

I'm looking for a budget Headphone for mainly listening to Music, and also YouTube, Movies, TV shows. Not looking for a "Gaming Headset", just a pair of decent Headphones.

I'm looking for On-Ear OR Over-Ear (the Big Stuff) Headphones, not In-Ear Earphones (like you'll find with a phone). It should be comfortable enough so I can use it for a long time. It should also look decent enough, not super cheap (although I'm actually on a super tight budget). And the cable should be quite long.

I listen to Heavy Metal all the time ( \m/ FTW! ) and so I want a pair of Headphones suited for this type of Music. I mostly don't listen calm stuff Rap/Pop (It doesn't suit my taste) so please take that into account. Listening to Music is my priority hear.

My budget is 2-3.5k (at max 4k) (Please suggest as inexpensive as possible) . So if there is any Headphone which is suitable for me then please suggest, but make sure it's under a budget.

P.S. I'm not looking to upgrade right now, but I feel like my current ones are deteriorating , so I'm looking for suggestions for when I will in the near future, but still suggest now and I'm looking forward to knowing more about headphones and stuff.