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Thread: How to change network name in Windows 10?

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    Default How to change network name in Windows 10?

    I recently got a new router. After plugging it in my network name is now "Network 5". I know why it's doing this, but I want to change the network name to something else.

    In Windows 7 it was very easy. In Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 they took it away. So how do you change the name to something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asif_Z View Post
    Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Local Security Policy> Network List Manager Policies> Double Click on 'Network 5'> Put a tick on name, and write your desired name in the following box, and in the next section put a tick on User can change name> Apply & OK.
    Now unplug your Ethernet cable and connect again. Done!
    Thanks. I have renamed it successfully. Another thing, I want to get rid of the "Network 2" "Network 3" duplicates as I believe 2 and 3 were for Hotspot Shield and 4 is for direct ISP connection. The original network name is for my Belkin Router and the network 5 is now my new TP-Link Archer C20i.

    So is there any way to delete the ones I don't want, and probably keep the TP-Link, Belkin and direct ISP connections? Cuz i only see the "Network 5" in that list in local security policy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Asif_Z View Post
    Disconnect all the internet connections at first.
    then registry editor open kore navigate korte hobe- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles

    profile er pashe arrow sign e click korle random kisu folder dekha jabe like {002A79B0-F1D9-4425-BC98-22C38D0D64AD} etc...
    just delete them all, now connect to different connections according to your desired queue, this time you will get network 1, 2, 3 serially.
    Thank you so much. Worked perfectly

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