around 80k

2. my existing configuration:
a.dual core 2Ghz
b.Geforce 9500 gt
c.500 gb sata
d.21.5 inch Samsung LED monitor
e. 3 gb DDR2 ram

3.I will be keeping:
HDD(if the budget allows,I will like to buy a 1 TB HDD)

4.I am looking to buy:
a.processor: either core-i7 2600 or core-i5 2500
b.motherboard:any compatible motherboard
c.GPU: GTX 560 ti or ATI RADEON 6950
d.RAM: 4*2 gb DDR3 1333
e.PSU: any good psu
d.Casing: any good casing
e.HDD: 1 TB(optional)
<N.B. I am open to suggestion.Feel free to mention brand,price & name of the shop you prefer>

5.I will not buy a new pc/upgrade in 3 years
6.I will buy these hardwares from Bangladesh
gaming & watching movies.I also download a lot.
8.Brand choice:
any brand with good reputation.
9.Games: Assassins creed,batman,nfs,modern warfare,gta etc series
10.Preferred monitor resolution:
a.gaming:at least 1600*900 and preferably 1920*1080(highest)

11.I am not willing to overclock
12.OS:Windows 7 64 bit

a.Please mention authentic prices.Internet prices are too confusing since most of the sites are not updated regularly.
b.Which will be better? i7+moderate gpu(like 560 ti) or i5+slightly more capable gpu(like 570)
c.About V-RAM:1 gb or 2 gb?