Okay guys this probly my last post to annoy u guys for asking help.Now heres the thing i should do with my xbox 360
Q1.IF i wait and update to lt+3.0 can i play all games?inclluding new and old ones also.I cant play any games cause the dash update i applieed by usb messed up my drive firware and cant play games.I just want to play in home not online.Mine is phillips liteon drive.It wahs flashed before update.Can it be flashed now/??

Q2.you guys talking abt tropology data,verbatim,melody blah balh blah.....That makes me much confused how much it gets.So my motto is to buy games and play.So if my xbox is some how flashed by lt3 then will i have to buy games care fully??Wich may not run or will run???verbatim or melody????Or is this the shopers headache?I just got to buy nad play???

Q3.Wht???disk error?????Ok if the disk error will ther and if i could play the game i am okay.if the error is too much Can i buy the original and play it on my moddedxbox 360??

I will go for lt3 if its good.I will take this to gamesource at hakim bhai.Lets see wht he says.and make it sure is it modable or not???will i have to replace thr drive or not???and viewers plese answer all the question above one by one tht will descrease my tention plaese itll be the best help ever.