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Thread: 1 TB RAM in the new intel server board

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    Default 1 TB RAM in the new intel server board

    There will also be a quad-
    CPU enabled Xeon E5
    Socket 2011 version, a
    quarter later from now as
    vrzone reports.
    How much memory can it
    take? How about a
    Two QPI links on Socket
    2011 CPUs do enable
    connecting each processor
    to TWO other ones, if you
    accept lesser inter-
    processor bandwidth
    compared to just dual-link
    pairing of two CPUs alone.
    There will be a separate
    Xeon E5-4600 series
    covering that particular
    market segment, which
    sits between the high end
    dual-socket E5-2600 and
    the enterprise RAS-
    enhanced even higher end
    E7 series (those fancy 10-
    core 30 MB L3 cache
    Westmere-EX chips and
    their followons).
    These are good for uber-
    rendering workstations
    with many threads, as
    well as SMP server jobs
    where high per-core
    performance is more
    important than RAS
    capability or huge
    interprocessor bandwidth
    - E7 series have, after all,
    four QPI links on each CPU
    for that purpose.
    Now, since the maximum
    memory load on each
    Socket 2011 processor is
    three DIMMs per channel,
    or 12 in total, it would
    allow for 48 DIMMs
    altogether on a quad
    processor board, as you
    can see here on the 'Lizard
    Head Pass' S4600LH board
    expected from Intel. A
    truly lovely platform
    which, if good liquid
    cooling system was there,
    could actually fit into 1U
    platform! Else, it's 2U, still
    not bad at all.
    Now, remember those
    fancy Samsung - and other
    vendors' - 32 GB LR-DIMMs
    at DDR3-1333 speeds and
    taking just like 5 watts?
    Well, put 48 of them into
    this 'little' mobo, and you
    got... umm... 1.5 TB RAM,
    yes. Now, inexpensive
    large memory data mining
    and analysis ops, not to
    mention simulations like,
    for instance, impact of MRT
    line failure on all the car
    and bus traffic in
    Singapore down to every
    person, vehicle and path -
    an increasingly more often
    required app here, it
    seems - become very real,
    especially when coupled
    with the current low
    memory pricing.
    And, oh yes, there are 160
    PCIe v3 lanes in total on
    such platform. Now, how
    about an extender box for
    an 8 x dual-GPU setup as
    an accelerator? A eight-set
    of liquid-cooled OC AMD
    HD7990 dual GPU cards
    could give you up to 15
    TFLOPs of double precision
    power to assist those
    Xeons on board.

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    Ato pichi texts , amar Scrutinize korte hoi Mag glasses nia and ow yeah thanks for the news.

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