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Thread: Using Qubee Gigaset modem with 1mbps connection on one desktop and one laptop simultaneously

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    Question Using Qubee Gigaset modem with 1mbps connection on one desktop and one laptop simultaneously

    I want to use my qubee gigaset modem with 1mbps connection on my desktop and laptop PCs together. I don't know how to do it. What is better - wifi or hub , to create network between two PCs. The desktop is using win XP and the laptop win 7. So, can someone explain the process clearly, please?

    * I don't even know how to create network between tow pcs. So, I need detail.

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    Wired solution: Get a switch and a few cat5e patch cables, plugin the computers and the modem using the switch and you should be able to use the internet.

    Wireless solution: Get a wifi router. You can ask Qubee to do the setup (router setup) for you.
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