is an online webstore. The main feauture of this site is its free shipping. It also gives regular discounts on products. For example, there's a HUGE discount going on on every products now for christmas.

I opened an account in this site a few months back. Today I got a Booklet from them. Here is the picture.

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So turns out I can buy products from them and it can reach my home, so I'm interested in buying things from this site. But I have some questions regarding this, so if someone has experience buying staff from this site, please help me out and also help out other interested persons.

  • I saw from Bangladesh Customs site that some stuff like mobile phones and laptopes do not fall under tax. Can anyone confirm that? Also, for products that needs to be paid tax, how do I pay tax? how do I know that the customs have my product?
  • It says in the site that I can pay them via Visa, Mastercard, Western Union. Can I pay them with our standard Visa or Mastercard, from bank accounts like DBBL or Standard Chartered Bank? Please give this answer only if you are SURE and you have previously bought stuff online. If I cannot go about with Visa or Mastercard, how do I pay with Western Union?
  • Can my product's safety be insured if I bring product by free shipping? I was planning on buying an Android phone, but seeing as it is valuable, I would like to hear from someone with online shopping experience if it is safe to bring stuff by regular post.
​So people, please help me out. You can also help out other people who want to do shopping online. And the quicker, the better, for I am planning to buy Android before the Christmas Sale is over.