As we know that there is a online amateur tourney from 1st jan which will be last for 1 month as i see don't know the details though nd also bangladesh cyber games(don't knw it's gonna happen this time or will be just a rip off like previous time)..But in the mean while i'm thinking of organizing a same type of amateur tourney like the amateur online tourney to increase dota team in bd dota scenario nd also for the sake of dota .In this tourney there will be no ENTRY FEE,Only u just have to bear the hourly cost of ur game ..The amateur teams who never participated in any tourney or played only 1 or 2 tourney bt didn't make it to SEMI's will be highly eligible for this .. So plz for the sake of dota i request to all the DOTAIANS to play this tourney cuz this is ur golder opportunity to prove ur skill's nd to be recongnized .. Just get out of GARENA-Bangladesh Dota Room for once play a lan tourney nd i can ensure u , u will get the dota feelings of a life time ..

Gaming zone - GAMO ( GREENROAD )

Date - 6-7 Jan ...
Prize money - Top 3 team's will get a poster/banner of their team picture with logo nd themselfs ... And also will be rewarded with medals ...

Non-Elegible team's - ES

KTR( Sry guyz dont know ur present team name )