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Thread: Top ten interview questions

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    Default Top ten interview questions

    The list of top 10 interview questions. Questions, that are most commonly asked in the job interview. Use the list to help you in your interview preparation. However, do not forget that top 10 interview questions are just a part of nearly every interview. After you pass this initial test of your communication skills, you will be confronted with targeted job interview questions. Using them recruiters will find out if you can really do the job, or if you can just talk about doing it. But enough of the talk for now, here is the list of common interview questions, in order of appearance in job interviews.

    List of top 10 interview questions
    • Number 10: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
      Every good applicant should have an idea of a future. What s/he wants to achieve, what position s/he wants to work at. That’s why this question is among the top 10 interview questions.
    • Number 9: What is your salary expectation?
      If your interview goes good, the time to speak about salary expectations always comes. Just do not forget to stress that the salary is NOT a primary motivation for you to do the job.
    • Number 8 of top 10 interview questions: Tell me something about yourself?
      One of the top 10 interview questions is definitely the one about you. Sometimes this questions is extended. For example, tell me something about your self in one sentence, or characterize yourself in three words. The key here is to keep your answer simple and work related.
    • Number 7: What are your strengths?
      Despite interviewers should be able to asses your strengths, they like to use this question to get a better picture of what you think about yourself.
    • Number 6: What do you think are the three key abilities of a good (name of the position).
      Hard to give an advice here, as it depends strongly on the position. You’ll have to figure it out by yourself.
    • Number 5: What are your biggest weaknesses?
      Nearly no one likes this question. Well, prepare for it or some modification in nearly every job interview- that’s why it is in our list of top 10 interview questions. And the best tip?
    • Number 4 of top 10 interview questions: Why did you leave your last job?
      Especially if you were good in your last job and the salary was motivating, interviewers will always question why you have left it. Stay honest and tell the real reason. Telling lies never led to success.
    • Number 3: What motivates you in work?
      When seeing the average level of motivation of workers in the US, it is not surprising to find these question in the list of top 10 interview questions. Good results, good feeling, feeling of importance, working in a nice team, etc… These all are good motivational factors you can mention in your job interview.
    • Number 2: What was the biggest challenge/problem you have faced in your career so far?
      Our society is in general quite negatively oriented. Well, that’s the way it is. Questioning you about problems you faced and solved in your previous jobs is a part of practically every job interview. To succeed, choose a work related problem and of course such a problem you were able to solve and you can speak about.
    • Number 1 of top 10 interview questions: Why should we choose you?
      Focus on your motivation and interest for the job while you are answering this top interview question. Well, you will hear it quite often and for some companies your answer to this question will be one of the crucial points. So remember, stay work related, focus on your motivation and interest for the job. That should do the trick.
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    Faced some of them. really irritating :S
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    Are you going to appear in Army , I think these types of questions are related to army

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    You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions.
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