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Thread: I need to know some matters, anyone to help plz?

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    Post I need to know some matters, anyone to help plz?

    Hi guys, I am new here.
    I have a Xbox 360. I play it often and buy two-three games per month or so. I have not much money. But these days, I am interested in Playstation 3. So, can you confirm me guys the followings:

    i. Will it be wise to sell xbox 360 for a PS3? (I don't have lots of money to buy ps3 games so often).

    ii. Is it easy to exchange PS3 games with others. How responsive and helpful the gamers of Bangladesh are?

    iii. I have GP internet connection. Can I play online games with it on PS3 (like Warhawk?)

    iv. Is it possible to play PS3 on my 17" CRT monitor without buying any extra cable? How much such cable does cost?

    Thanks guys for reading my post. Waiting for your replies.

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    Default Re: I need to know some matters, anyone to help plz?

    1) No. Buying games for the PS3 is a lenghty process here. You gotta save tk5500-7000 for all the new games, you'll definitely miss the tk400 games

    2) When the offer's good, we'll can probably find you a deal within 3 days (no gurantees of course)

    3) HELL NO! GP internet has horrible ping time AND you cant use a USB modem in the ps3 or 360

    4) Not sure about the monitor, but I think it can be done using a converter. Graphics won't be as good either.

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