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Thread: Emergency: Please Suggest #Cheap and Good ISP at Uttara Sector:9

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    Default Emergency: Please Suggest #Cheap and Good ISP at Uttara Sector:9

    Please mention some Good ISP at Uttara Sector 9, as well as the cheap one. It's urgent and would be great help for me. Thank You.

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    I'm not sure about which areas (probably all) of Uttara they serve, but you can get DOT Internet. I'm in Dhanmondi (they also serve Uttara) and I just got the connection very recently, so far I'm really satisfied and their connection is good, and fast. They are really cheap, check their website for the packages. I'm quite satisfied for now, I hope even you are if you get them, and also hope they can keep up their good connection in future.

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    Netvision, well they have somehow earned that reputation in a way from what I've heard. Their connection is good

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