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Thread: About Arcade(BenQ) Dvdrom

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    Default About Arcade(BenQ) Dvdrom

    I own a Xbox 360, arcade version. As it has no hard drive, my dvdrom (BenQ) has seen a lot of wears & tears. 4 months back i took it to Gamesource & Hakim vai said i should clean my lens. he took about 2000 taka (Or probably more, dont remember clearly) for that. I thought it would last for a while. but now Its worse than before. After i insert most of the discs it makes 2 consecutive weird sounds, & don't even try to read the discs. Dashboard shows open tray option only. But some other games it plays very smoothly. Like Dead space, GTA 4, GOW, GOW2 etc. It is flashed with LT2.0. As it plays other games very smoothly, I'm now confused. If its broken or near broken, how can it play these games so smooth?

    So, if anybody could help me with what can i do? Is there any home made tips. or should i just replace it. & how much will it cost. cleaning the lens wont probably be a good idea, because it didnt last very long for me before.
    Thanx in advance.
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    most likely you will have to replace the lens. I had the same problem with open tray error as it stopped reading most of the games but when it did it played smoothly. Some months later it couldn't recognize any game at all showing open tray all the time, I nudged and slapped over the drive few times and sometimes it started reading but slowly got worse. Finally I took it to Nadim electronics and they said replacing the lens would only fix it. Its going to cost 4000 to 5000 tk depending on your drive. Sad but true, hurts to pay that much of money for the lens.

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    Thanx. Yeah, i reckoned so too. Changing the lens+ updating with new LT every few months, its getting really expensive. :S

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    bro..ekta suggestion dei..if u do replace ur an HDD..install the games before playing..i think that is the only reason my lens is still ok..

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    Yeah, i thought abt that. Its just, a HDD+Lens+Flash, all in once costs a lot of money.

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