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Thread: Need Help Selling a PSVita Value Pack + 2 games

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    Default Need Help Selling a PSVita Value Pack + 2 games

    I'm selling my psvita (value pack) + 2 original games, bought from Malaysia. My psvita doesn't have any scratches, bugs or glitches. I'm only selling it 'cause I need money for an xbox ._. or a wii ._.
    I bought it from Malaysia @tk30,000 (1150 rm). A value pack(google it) includes a vita(black, wifi-support model), an accessory pack and a game (that makes it 3 games in total). The other two games cost tk7,700. So I'm selling merchandise worth tk37,700 for tk18,000.

    GAMES: 1. Assassin's Creed III Liberation
    2. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster(X-2 has to be downloaded. Redeem code is unused)
    3. Uncharted: Gloden Abyss (included)

    It is not hacked. All items are intact with original packaging. No scratches or wire tears. All ports and cables are functional. No system glitches/bugs. All games work(X-2 might require malaysian psn.....). The only slightly damaged item is the vita case, it got teary so I had to tape it. I've uploaded pics here -
    I've been trying to sell it for months now......if anyone here is interested or knows someone who's looking for a psvita then let me know please
    Will also exchange for a modded xbox360 slim with games
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