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Thread: Social Fixer Lets You Customize Facebook By Removing Unwanted Elements

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    Default Social Fixer Lets You Customize Facebook By Removing Unwanted Elements

    So, you have a Facebook account, right? I thought so. Well if you are looking to get rid of the parts of the page you donít use and enhance the parts you do use, Social Fixer is right up your alley.

    There always seems to be an uproar over any changes made to Facebook profiles. Using an extension for your browser can help eliminate the features you have no interest in.

    What can Social Fixer fix?

    So what does it do exactly? Iím glad you asked. You can take away and add a lot of features to your view of Facebook. Here are a few examples.

    • Enlarge pictures by hovering over them with your mouse.
    • Highlight new comments.
    • Shortcuts to Pages and events you are invited to.
    • Friend Tracker Ė Notification Of Un-Friends
    • Automatically retrieve older posts without clicking the button.
    • Add Skins to change the look of your view.
    • Filtering what you see in your feed.
    Getting started with Social Fixer
    To start, you need to download the extension for your browser. There are lots of options as you can see.

    Once installed you will need to head on over to your Facebook page. when you log in, you will be asked if youíd like to use the setup wizard. There are 2 choices for starting points. I chose the Minimalist option which shuts off pretty much everything. As you go through the wizard, you can turn on the features you want to have.

    As you walk through the wizard, you will be able to adjust things like:

    • Adding tool bars in posts.
    • Adding older features.
    • Adding a Mark as Read option.
    • Chat options.
    • Picture viewing options.
    • Different themes and color choices for your view.
    After you step through the wizard, you will be able to see what you accomplished by deselecting or selecting certain features.Your modified Facebook view

    In your newly modified view, you will see some more options that you arenít used to. For starters, you may notice there is a X by most of the information sections on the page. If you click on this X, you can delete this section from your view.

    If you click on the X in the top right corner of the window, you will get a pop up asking you if you are sure.

    Being able to delete sections is well worth downloading Social Fixer. You will have a much less cluttered screen even if you just use this feature.

    Other notable features
    The feature that will come in handy is the option to make the Facebook users anonymous when you take a screen capture. If you write about Facebook, being able to remove pictures and names with a single click is a big time saver. This means you donít need to blur out each bit of their personal information.

    Before and after Social Fixer
    Here is an idea of what your page may look like before and after you use Social Fixer

    Before Social Fixer

    After Social Fixer

    The features and changes mentioned here are only the tip of the iceberg. When you start to play around with the different configurations, there are limitless combinations of how your view of your Facebook profiles can look when you are logged in. Social Fixer is by far the most customizable Facebook extension I have written about to date.

    Download Social Fixer to redesign your view of Facebook

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    Cool stuff! :]

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