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Thread: How to play MW2 Spec-op (CO-OP) via Tunggle

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    Default How to play MW2 Spec-op (CO-OP) via Tunggle

    First, here is the link of the video tutorial...

    Now, the listing and respective download links of the content u will need...

    1. Modern Warfare 2 FULL VERSION (MP-rip wont do)

    2. MW2 Coop package.rar which includes...
    (i) Razor Crack
    (ii) AlterIwnet Patch

    3. Steam or Smart Steam

    4. Tungle

    Now, the procedures...

    1. Install MW2 FULL VERSION on ur computer properly...e.g : C\MW2

    2.Extract MW2 Coop package.rar. After extracting u will have these...
    (i) Razor Crack
    (ii) AlterIwnet Patch

    3.Now Copy the contents of Razor Crack folder and paste it to Installed game folder (C\MW2\)

    4. Now Copy the contents of AlterIwnet Pacth folder and paste it to Installed game folder (C\MW2\)

    5. Now copy the contents of TeknoGod folder and paste it to Installed game folder (C\MW2\). After pasting the contents u will find (TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe) this file on the directory. Create two shortcuts of it at ur desktop. Rename one shortcut to Host n another to Client.

    6. Now start stream. Log in to ur account n let it be.

    7. Now Start Tunngle. Join a specific game room. Tell ur friend to join the same room. Every user of tunngle is given a fixed virtual ip (like mine is Note ur and ur friend's virtual ip. You can find it out at the bottom left corner of your Tunngle browser.

    For Hosting the game...

    1. Run Host shortcut from ur desktop. It will launch the game. Main menu> Spec-op>Two Player Online
    This will create the Lobby

    For joining the game..

    1. Go to Properties of the Client shortcut. In the Target box u hv to add the following line
    (space)--ip=(virtual ip of the host\

    It will look something like this..."C:\mw2\TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe" --ip=
    Press the apply button.
    Now Run the shortcut.
    It will start the game.

    Now, when u r at the Main Menu, press n hold F12. It will connect u to the Lobby created by the host.From there u will be able to choose which mission to play n set the difficulty level. When both of u are ready press Start .....

    Hope this help


    Infinity Soldierz
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    Very helpful post.

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    Umm hey Guys Modern Warfare 2 Installed Full Size is 9GB right so mines not a ripped one.

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    hmm ... seriously right onk help ful post

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