Rumor: Dead Rising 3 Set In California, Stars Auto Mechanic

Word on the street is that the follow up to Dead Rising 2 will be set in California, star a mechanic, and involve escaping the doomed city on a cobbled-together plane.

The auto mechanic’s name is Rick, and it sounds like he’s a little less confident in his zombie-slaying abilities right off the bat compared to Chuck and Frank. The city of Los Perdidos, California is set to be cleared out by a huge bomb, and Rick plans to escape on a plane. Featuring a goal that sounds similar to Dead Rising 2: Case 0’s motorcycle building, Rick must gather pieces to build a plane.

Siliconera also reports that Dead Rising 3 will touch on themes of illegal immigration. A leader named Red leads a band of infected illegals through the chaos-stricken city. Red’s girlfriend Annie, a defender of the infected folk, will also play a role in the story. The only other character speculated to be in the game is a psychopathic biker who drives a motorcycle customized with steam roller parts. Sounds pretty nasty.

Capcom isn’t commenting on the rumors just yet, so sit tight for now. Are you ready for more Dead Rising?

The above concept art of Rick is rumored to be official, but the Dead Rising 2 logo was altered by Game Informer