My Brother in law is seriously sick and in unhealthy condition due to lots of pain in stomach, belly. I have already visited two doctor in Chittagong and they as usual given series of test but the symptoms and origin of pain is still not being identified properly. What they both said so far is a pancreatitis infections or as such I can not explain all medical terms.

In this circumstances I want to know who is the best doctor in Dhaka for Gastro-Liver. I am seeking help as for two reason

One: If a good reference given I can escape from professional treatment as very much scared about misconception and wrong treatment
Two: Fixing an appointment is so hard for specialist doctor this days as they may give a time after 3 month which is not possible for me in this stage.

So friends pls. help me to find Doctor by 25th to 31st of this month. After he feels some level better by next week, I will bring him Dhaka for better treatment. Thanks

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No one knows a good doctor, surprise !! pls. help me with your suggestions and advice.